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Before I opened in Brighton I decided I wanted to take male grooming to a new level, one that is not only of a very high standard but one that is more current & up to date with todays technology & methods.A combination of old & new great techniques !

In the past I have worked with some of the most experienced in the industry Nicky Clarke, John Frieda & the best barber I ever met my uncle George,

I have over 35 years in the industry.

Due to popular demand for our tuition from local colleges such as Brighton College & Aspire Sussex College we now also offer courses in Barbering Techniques ,Hot Towel & Steam Wet Shaves ,Hot Towel Energising Face Buff Scrubs & Beard Trimming & Sculpting.

     Our courses offer a brilliant way to increase your services & revenue. 




Shaving Courses (2hours) Steam pro-glide shaves

We show you what equipment you need

The whole preparation procedure

How to read the face - direction of hair growth ,sensitve areas, in grown hairs

Softening the stubble

Hot towels



Safety & hygiene -cleaning your tools

Cold towels

Afterbalm & face massage


For classes upto 8 students £60 each - minimum of 6 students.

For individual tution £240.


Hot Towel & Steam Energising Face Buff Scrubs ( 90 minutes)

Reading the persons complexion

Tools required

Preparation of the skin

Hot towels



Exfoliatiing techniques

Massaging techniques


For classes upto 8 students £45 each - minimum 6 students

For individual tuition £180


Combined Hot towel & Steam Shave  & Energising Face Buff Scrub Course - £85 each or £320 for individual tutiton ( 3 hours )



Barbering Techniques ( 2 hours)

What tools you require

Reading the clients face,hair & what they want to achieve.

Scissors over comb techniques

Clipper work







For classes upto 8 students £60 each minimum 6 students

For individual tution £240


Beard Trimming & Sculpting (90 minutes)

What tools you require

Reading the clients face,beard texture & desired style


Lining up & shaping with a clipper and straight razor 


Products & finishing


For classes upto 8 students £45 each - minimum 6 students

For individual tuition £180


On completing the course each students will receive a certificate.


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